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Artistic concept and design by Dan Goods, Nik Hafermaas, Aaron Koblin
Production management by Jamie Barlow, UEBERSEE
Fabrication by Jim Hetherington
Commissioning Agency: City of San Jose Public Art Program
Produced by UEBERSEE, Inc
Photo credit - Spencer Lowell
eCloud is a dynamic sculpture inspired by the volume and behavior of an idealized cloud. Clouds are ephemeral and in perpetual transformation, their abstract shapes are constantly teasing the mind of the observer to ‘see’ and interpret. Clouds focus our attention to the sky and connect us to our fascination with flying.
McRae Anderson
Vertical living walls continually improve air quality, provide wildlife habitat, sequester carbon and improve the acoustical properties of the surrounding area.Living wall art is adaptable to both interior and exterior applications, adds incredible warmth and a sense of calm to create a true oasis. Its benefits include: sound privacy; air filtration and comfort; reduced stress; thermal regulation and a strong visual support of a community’s green strategies. Living art can utilize water reclaimed for the site with rainwater or grey water and purify those resources for continued reuse reducing potable water demand
Artist Patrick Blythe
His cast glass work was inspired by the magnificent desert twilight. More than 1,000 pieces of glass were used to create this multifaceted sculpture. It is one of a series of desert landscapes reflecting various times of day. All glassworks are produced with 100% solar power.
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CALPAA's Conservation takes the lead in Eco-Friendly designs.

We currently use 1.3% of the planet's resources every year. It is not sustainable. CALPAA is turning this fact into fiction by utilizing our eco-designs. Our artists create benches out of propane tanks, sidewalks from 100% recycled plastic, green roofs, living walls and seasonal decorations from re-purposed material

UAE to Spend an Estimated $250 Billion on Power and Water for Growing Demand in the Middle East

The GCC is on the threshold of a major power revolution, with investments in the sector estimated at $ 250 billion in the next five years. The study, titled "Power UAE" published by research specialists Global Business Reports said that the next five to ten years would be crucial in shaping not only the UAE power se

EPA has $4billion to spend on smart growth communities

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 13, 2013 EPA Offers Smart Growth Assistance to Rhode Island; Mississippi County, Arkansas; Kelso, Washington WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that it will offer technical assistance to three areas of the country to help improve their economy a

Green Walls cut Pollution

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Sustainable Landscaping and Living

This blog is focused on using landscaping, land management, and climate science to help curve climate change, reduce energy use, and move towards a balanced sustainable society. My goal here is to educate and inspire, adding to the grassroots movements that are helping create sustainable cities today. Join me in this f

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